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IT projecy management

            The System Development Life Cycle is the process of developing information systems through investigation, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance. A system development process can follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling tools and languages. .
             In order to manage a system development well, the participation of users is a must, assigning the appropriate staff and defining their roles can help a lot, the procedure of writing down the statement of the project's nature & scope and conducting feasibility study would increase the possibility of success. Examples of feasibilities are technical feasibility, operational feasibility and economical feasibility.
             There are a few things that trigger for systems development, such as shifting business requirements, changing organization environments and evolving information technology. Or when a system does not meet the targeted goals, or in a case which reports don't meet the decision-maker's needs, regulation changes, increase in complaints or when errors in system outputs that causes problems.
             There are several reasons why arising problems result in failure in the system development, such as: .
             • The lack of senior management support.
             • The Shift of user needs.
             • The resistance of accepting the change.
             • The lack of standard project management and system development methodologies.
             • Inadequate testing and user training.
             • The failure to act on strategic changes required.
             • The lack of user participation.
             All the reasons mentioned above are elements that increase the possibility of failure in any system development cycle and in order to work on solving them, they should determine the scope of a problem, define it well, obtain information to conduct preliminary feasibility study and at last start a plan of analysis.

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