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Person in Iraq

            All I can see is sand in front of the truck's windshield. I can see the sand scratching against the truck's glass and the body of truck. I can hear the tires scrubbing against the sand as it runs along like a tortoise. This is how a vehicle moves in the Iragui sandstorms. Everything is a blur in front of the truck. All you see is the sand like little insect flying all over the place. As we move along, I can still remember myself graduating from my high school and I signed up to be in the Marines. I signed to get ahead in life, to get a better education through the marines, but who knew, that I would end up in Iraq and fighting. I don't even know why I am here. When I was ready to leave for Iraq, I remember my family was in tears but were proud of me, as I waved them goodbye I could feel some tears in my eyes. My brother yelling saying to me saying " Travis come back soon." That was the last time I had seen my family. Now as I sit in this rusty old truck with my teammates. They all look tired. Ryan, the guy sitting by me has awkward look on his face. When I ask him what's wrong. He doesn't answer. The time is passing so slowly. All of sudden, I hear someone firing at us and we all get alerted and can't believe that someone is firing at in the sandstorm. Our commander stops the truck and tells us to take our positions outside and take the enemy out. Like a mouse, we quickly grab our guns and get ready to leave the vehicle. Our commander gives one of us to go out when he thinks it is clear. I am in second in last to get out. As the person in front me goes out, it is my turn and I am give the go sign. I can hear the commander saying, "Go, go, go." His lips are jumping all over the place as he says this. As I stand there I daze off and start thinking about my family, but quickly Ryan grabs my shoulders and shakes me and says " Travis, man snap out of it." Than quickly I jump of the truck.

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