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             Ecstacy is the newest popular drug on the streets today. Ecstasy is classified as a stimulant, and is known medically as Methyline Dioximethamphetamine or MDMA. Ecstacy is known on the streets as Swallows, White Doves, Strawberries, Yellow Callies, Cloud A, Ultimate Xphoria, X, XTC, Disco Biscuits, Scoobie Snacks, Love Doves, New Yorkers, Disco Burgers, Dennis the Menace, Mad Bastards, and Hamburgers. Ecstacy was originally discovered in 1912 as an appetite suppressant, and later patented in 1917 by a German company called "Merck Chemical Company." The natural form of Ecstacy can be found in Nutmeg and in Sassafras oil. Ecstacy made an appearance again in the 1970's to aid in psycho therapy, but it began recreational use since the 1980's, and more recently it is being used as a rape drug on the streets today. .
             Ecstacy comes in many forms. It can be swallowed, snorted, smoked, or injected, but the most popular form is swallowing a tablet. The powder is pressed into a tablet that may come in many different shapes and styles. There are about 16 new designs of pills introduced each month, and about 170 varieties of Ecstacy worldwide. The street names for Ecstacy are classified by the appearance and ingredients of the pill itself. Red and black capsules are called "Dennis the Menace," white pills with dove imprints on them are called "White Doves," white or off-white tablets are called "Hamburgers," and large flat white tablets are called " Disco Biscuits." The dosage of the pills may range from 50 milligrams up to 300 milligrams, but the average dosage is 100 - 150 milligrams. Each pill usually costs around ten to thirty dollars. .
             The effects of Ecstacy vary due to dosage and environment in which it is taken. The effects of the drug usually start within 45 minutes of ingestion and they may last for up to eight hours, with the peak at about two hours. The "highs" experienced are caused by increased serotonin levels, making the person feel very cheerful and never tired.

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