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             Things change, people change, everything changes. Change is what makes our life interesting. People deal with changes in different ways. Some accept change better than others. We may not always agree or like the changes that take place in our lives, but we learn to deal with them. Sometimes changes need to be made. Drug trafficking and marketing, the media's emphases, and the public education system are just three things that need to be revolutionized, or changed.
             The first, and probably most important, thing that needs to be revolutionized is drug control. These days drugs like Marijuana and ecstacy are very easy to obtain. Kids can obtain these drugs, along with many others, at a very young age. There are laws against the sale of these drugs, but either they are not strict enough or they are not properly enforced. These laws need to be enforced to ensure the safety of the youth in this country.
             The next thing that needs to be revolutionized is the media's emphases. Almost everything in the media these days is based on sex, drugs, and violence. The media markets toward the younger generations. They try to get kids to think that all that is bad is actually good. The media should put more emphasis on family values and the non-materialistic things in life.
             Finally, the last thing that needs to be changed is the educational system. Even though our educational system is one of the best in the world, it still has its flaws. Teachers put up with a lot but they aren't paid enough. Classrooms, in some states, are highly overcrowded. Some students who may have learining disabilities are not recognized and don't get the help they need. Therefore, they don't reach their full potential.
             Aside from the three issues discussed in this essay, there are many more that need to be revolutionized. Perhaps if we started with these things and kept working our way up, we could eventually make this world a better place for all of us.

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