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Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?

             Some people may agree that couples should live together before marriage and some would not. Some people decisions may be used based on their strong belief backgrounds or their parents" standards or the statistics of marriage versus divorce. Some may see it as a chance to get to know their partner and vice versa to see how their partner lives and conducts him or herself on a daily basis. The question of, "Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?" will be discussed on the reasons why couples should not live together before marriage.
             Many people views on living together before marriage is like when you are a taking a car for a test-drive to help the person decide if they want that particle car. They figure that while during their trial period it will give them a chance to discover whether they are compatible to each other. But the only thing about this analogy is that most of the time it doesn't work out. It may seem that its going to work out but majority of the time its not because they are not really trusting in each other nor even practicing it. It's true because you are not going to tell your partner everything about you nor is your partner. You may tell your partner that you have just told him/her everything about you and its him/her turn to do the same. Or, you will tell your partner just enough of what he/she wants to hear about their partner's personal lives of their past, present and future.
             Further explanation of the automobile analogy and couples living together before marriage it may seem that the person is enjoying the ride of the new vehicle but isn't. They don't like the way the ride feels while driving it. There are too many bumps that they have run in into. It feels like the car is going to fall apart any minute from now and he/she is going to be stranded by the roadside. They are tired of the color, make and model of the vehicle and wants another one that is better and they look good in it where ever they drive to and from.

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