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Changing My Character

            I would like to say that the September 11 incident had no affect on me whatsoever, and at first, it did not. I do not want to sound cold hearted or insensitive, but the fact of the matter is that I was on the west coast, in California when all of this happened. To tell you the truth, half of the people in California did not even know what the twin towers were. I do not even know if they were supposed to be capitalized in that last sentence. I did not know how serious the crash was or what it meant, or even what it stood for until I turned on the T.V. I was not trying to watch the news either, but the crash was literally on every channel. It was like the O.J Simpson trial all over again. Anyway, I watched the news and I got the full story of what exactly happened. I was in shock yet amazed at how someone could do something so heartless. Here I thought we were safe, an untouchable nation; but the twin towers falling makes you realize that nothing is for certain, and your life can be took from you at any moment. .
             The events of September 11 did have an impact my life. It affected the whole U.S.A. We went from raising airport security, to bringing the nation together, to the increase of racism on Arabs and people from the Middle East. However, the events of September 11 affected my life in a much more positive way. It is a shame that it took something so drastic and horrific for me to learn that I have to appreciate everyday as it comes and as it goes; and I cannot take any moment for granted because, like those people in those twin towers, your life can be took away from you. There is a difference between someone giving there life and someone getting their life taken and those people in those towers lives were taken, but their bravery is why I am quiet when they ask for a moment of silence. .

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