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sum 41

            Sum 41 started off in 1997 were they were a band of four teenagers. In the band they had Derek Whibley, who played the guitar and was the lead singer. Then they had Dave Baksh, he was the lead guitar player. The bass player was Cone Mc Caslin. Then the final member of the band was Steveo 32, he played the drums.
             Sum 41 got a record deal with Island records in Canada and released there first album in 2000 called "Half Hour of Power". They did world wide tours for this album and was a huge success. Along the way they met huge bands like Blink 182 and went on the warped tour with them.
             Then 1 year later Sum 41 brought out the second album called "All killer no filler". This was the biggest selling album they had brought out. It had the two huge singles, "In too deep" and "Fat lip". They had many tours to show off this album.
             A year later after the success of "All killer no filler" Sum 41 released the third album," Does this look infected". This also had two huge selling singles "Still waiting", and "Hell song". .
             Sum 41 is going very well with their music and is now touring the world, showing off the album" Does this look infected".
             Sum 41's new album will be released late 2004.

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