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The Matrix

            This is probably the most obvious religion associated with The Matrix trilogy. All of the characters represent somehow, something else in the bible. Basic events can be connected with certain Bible stories. I will start with the characters and what they mean. The first character is Apoc. He plays a very small role in this movie and quite frankly was inevitibly going to die. Apoc actually doesn't refer to any human in the Bible. He refers to the end of the world or APOCalypse. This is ironic seeing as that towards the end of the film, Apoc dies thus causing Cypher to believe that it is the beginning of the end. In the Bible, it is said that Jesus will come back to earth on Judgement Day. On this day, he will judge all of the people and decide who goes into heaven. The ones that make it are taken up to God and the rest is Left Behind: hence the "Left Behind" series. Supposedly this is called the end of the world or Apocalypse. .
             The next character is Switch. She is another less important character and the story would have done fine without her. The only problem is there then would not be anyone off which to kill. Every story needs someone who doesn't matter so it means something when the important ones survive. When I was thinking about the significance I came to a conclusion. In the movie, when they go back into the Matrix, everyone is wearing black. I thought that Switch had to mean something seeing as that she is always wearing white. This led me to realize that it is a contrast to the black. Everyone else is representing pain and struggle where as Switch represents the light of hope that Neo is really The One. When this hope is diminished by the Oracle's grave news to Neo, the character representing that light must diminish as well. Therefore, after Apoc (as known: Apocalypse) marks the beginning of the end of the Neb.'s crew, the hope is shattered with Switch. Not to mention the fact that a Switch is a tool on a computer.

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