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Of Mice and Men

            Throughout the book and film, "Of Mice and Men" by John Stienback, there are many similarities and there are many differences. The film goes somewhat further into detail and really describes the reasons things happen in the story and what the characters are really like. The film had the ability to really get the audience to know how the characters acted toward one another and how they acted on the job, mostly focusing on George and Lennie. There are many differences and similarities regarding the plot, characters, setting, and foreshadows in both the book and film. The book did not present in detail a perfect picture of the characters. By watching the movie, you are able to put a larger vision in your mind about George and Lennie. Even though they seem to be completely different, they are also similar as they are very compassionate toward each other's dreams. Therefore, the book and the movie have differences and similarities that are portrayed very clearly to the reader.
             The differences came mainly from the plot of the story. The first difference came at the beginning of the novel. The book starts off with the setting describing where George and Lennie live and its surroundings. The film starts off with George and Lennie running from their troubles started by Lennie and the lady with the dress. This is one of the most important differences that show clearly how the book and film are different. Another change in the plot is noticeable with Lennie killing the puppy. The book states that Lennie sat there hopelessly crying with the puppy lying in front of him. The film shows Lennie standing up holding the puppy stroking it back in forth, but not crying. .
             The film gives you a different picture in your mind than what the book delivers to you. The change in the plot that shows the greatest contradiction between the book and film is the ending. The book states that the workers find George in the woods with Lennie after George had shot him.

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