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Is Money the End of Democracy

            Is Money the End of Democratic Principle?.
             Over the years, many changes have taken place in American politics. For one, in the past, money was not a key ingredient in the electoral process. However, the qualities of a good, strong American leader have not changed. Two such characteristics are aiming for the betterment of the country in the areas of education, health, and the environment, as well as having the ability to make decisions that affect the lives of American citizens. Yet, now it seems that money is consuming the political world and becoming the main determinant of political influence and success. Although some claim that money has a positive influence on electoral campaigns, the power it gives to large contributors degrades the Democratic principles of voting. Large contributors harm both non/small contributors and force out promising candidates who cannot afford to compete or who are disgusted by the corruption of electoral politics. Ultimately, the distrust and powerlessness the majority of the American public feel may lead to the eventual collapse of the electoral process through the demise of the two-party system and discouraging voter turn-out.
             As political campaigns have become expensive, financial contributors have become more powerful. Special interests currently have too much influence, and .
             promising candidates without money do not have a fair chance of competing for office. Politicians spend too much time raising campaign money instead of devoting their full energies to the duties of public office. Yet, the Constitution does not grant Congress the power to regulate campaign finances, and the First Amendment unquestionably grants individuals and businesses the right to advertise along with contribute to politicians as they choose. This unregulated money represents a certain instability in our representative political system as the privileged people of America are drowning out fair elections with unlimited campaign contributions.

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