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             The term abortion' is often generalised as a intentional termination of a pregnancy yet there are in fact three classifications of abortion: .
             Spontaneous abortion- is better known as a miscarriage, which can be defined as an unintentional termination of a pregnancy.
             Therapeutic abortion- is an induced abortion that has been performed to eliminate potential damaging risk to the health or life of the pregnant women.
             Induced abortion- is the term for a deliberate termination of an unborn baby based on the pregnant woman's or health advisors reasoning.
             Ethical and Legal issues.
             The ethical dilemma of abortion is typically viewed in apposing ways this is apparent due to the widely expressed opinions of individuals. .
             Anti-abortion activists would argue it is not the choice of the pregnant woman since the unborn child should also have the same rights as any other person has like having the right to live, and this is were the conflict of opinions lie. At what stage in the pregnancy is the baby considered to be human? '. Anti-abortionists may say from conception a pro-choicer may say when the baby is fully developed or maybe not even till it is born. I think it is merely perception on what you consider the unborn child to be, it is what it is regardless of what are own opinion of it is. You are more likely to hold a bias perspective depending on whether you agree or disagree with abortion. .
             If you analyse a anti-abortionist view you will find they are implying that the unborn baby is an independent being from its mother you can easily argue against this by saying that the foetus would have a lesser chance of survival out of the womb therefore needing the mothers body for survival, contradictory to this, recent scientific research has shown that a foetus of X weeks can survive outside the womb.
             Now that it is proven that a foetus of X weeks can survive outside the womb, the "anti- abortionists- argument for reducing the number of weeks in which an abortion can be performed (in Britain's case 24weeks) has strengthened.

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