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Life as a FFA Member

             Learning to do, Doing to learn, Living to serve.
             I have lived my life by for the last four years. FFA has taught me that winning is not the most important thing in life. The FFA has taught me life lessons on communication, teamwork, and citizenship.
             Developing communication skills is a key part in the road to success. When I was freshman, our FFA attended a leadership camp which all the district Officers conduct. At these camps I sat in a room while they explain what life is all about. They explained the good things and the way you can make your life better. FFA has brought on a whole new chapter in my life of healthy choices. I participated in teamwork events where I depended on total strangers to pull together to win. I now understand communication is a key point in the road to success. Our FFA held Fundraisers to make shift the problems of money. Going from door to door selling fruit and meat, I have a new level of respect for social interaction. Once your communication skills have reached a level of certain maturity, I learned to open my life to new experiences , which intern has broadened my horizon.
             Encouraging teamwork is what I Feel FFA has given me the most . I have been more than fortunate to have three heifer projects and two steer projects through out my highschool years. Its remarkable how you can learn and connect so much to an animal that doesn't talk back. The connection between the both of you that comes out of nowhere is remarkably unbelievable. I recall the time I was traveling to the Washington County Fair, driving in my car right behind my mother , which she was pulling my eight month old heifer, named Ginger. I looked down for a split second and looking back up and seeing sparks shoot up from everywhere. The trailer that was then passing my mother's truck, caught my eye,the trailer came to a screeching halt as it slammed into the cement barrier . I pulled up right behind the trailer and my mother pulled in front of it.

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