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Real Estate

            Real estate is a great money making job. In this work field it is possible to make money right away and in the future. I think in this job you need to have courage and not hesitate in order be successful. These are qualities that I possess and this is why I want to major in real estate. .
             Real estate is buying, selling and renting property. According to my friend Paul, who just got his real estate license, the best way to be successful in this business is to not hesitate. The reason for this is simply, if you start thinking whether or not to buy a certain property the price will change before you know it. My father also does real estate and has a few situations like this. I remember talking with my father about buying a one bedroom apartment in good condition, mediocre neighborhood and low maintenance for one hundred ten thousand dollars. The way he described this offer, I thought it was great and told him to buy it. Unfortunately my father decided to procrastinate. Three months later my father informs me that the apartment went up ten thousand dollars in value, I just gave him a smirk saying I told you so. This is a very common situation in real estate and should not happen often.
             There have also been times where my father didn't hesitate and has made a good profit. For example, In my neighborhood in Brooklyn there were five new building being constructed in the last few years. These buildings are for the high class and their prices show us this. When one of the last buildings was just being built, I remember taking a look at the prices and my eyes almost jumping out of their sockets. The price for a Junior four apartment was around two hundred and ten thousand dollars! This is a large amount of money not only because of its size, but also because it was just constructed and nobody knows how the consumers will react to this.

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