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Fight Club

             Fight Club is a movie starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, and an obese Meatloaf. David Fincher directs this film and the underrated director of Photography is Jeff Cronenweth. .
             The movie begins with Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) holding a gun in Jack's (Edward Norton) mouth, Jack says, in a voice over, "With a gun between your teeth you only speak in vowels." Then he lets us know that Tyler has rigged half the downtown buildings to explode in less than a half an hour. After that Jack says, "Wait; Let me step back for a minute." while the movie goes into a flash back. Fight Club does not come out of Jack's flash back until the end of the film, also most all of the flash back is voice over narrated by Edward Norton in the character of Jack. By the end of this film you have forgotten you were witnessing Jack's flashback, which I think is one of the best features of this movie.
             Jack is an insomniac and sleeps very few hours a night, Jack explains, "That when you are an insomniac you are never really asleep and never really awake." He tries everything he goes to doctors and therapists, none of them helped. Finally one doctor did help. He said if you think you've got a problem, go see the guys with testicular cancer. That was an unintentional way the doctor helped Jack. Going to help Groups, but not ones for insomnia, meetings for other things like dealing with cancer, and any other types of illness.
             These meetings are finally the vice Jack needs to help him fall asleep. Jack uses these meetings to listen to people who really are suffering through these illnesses; he lets them cry on his shoulder he does the same to them.
             In one of the testicular cancer meetings he attends, his favorite of all the help groups, he meets Bob played by Meatloaf, an ex-body builder who is suffering from testicular cancer from using steroids. He is the first person at these meetings we, the viewing audience, meet.

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