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Depression: A Loss of Hope

            Proverbs 13:12 tells us that a hope deferred makes the heart sick, but what this really means to us is that the pain of unfulfilled hope can cause physical nausea. Deferred hope is just one among many avenues that depression can creep in on us. Depression affects everyone and all ages, even infants; it is known as the common cold among mental disorders. It has also been called "the most widespread, serious, and costly psychiatric disease afflicting humankind today" (Collins 105). The best definition I have found sums up this emotion/illness states that "depression is a troubled state or mood that consists of several ongoing disturbances in energy levels, sleep, appetite, and the ability to concentrate- (Sper). The nature of depression is about giving up hope. There is a strong pull to quit, it is always much easier to just give up hope and let life just run it course. We need to realize that there is hope even for that who feels that all hope is lost. "Depression creates an additional set of problems that locks our souls in a dungeon of gloom" (Sper). It is important to note that grieving is not depression. One of the main differences is feelings. When people grieve they feel sorrowful, while in depression one is just numb.
             There are a few similar characteristics/symptoms of people who share in depression. These characteristics can help the counselor if he/she is looking for them while meeting with a patient. In summary: (1) sadness (2) apathy (3) general fatigue (4) low self-esteem (5) loss of spontaneity (6) insomnia (7) loss of appetite, are just a few symptoms of depression. Even though depression is an emotion it has great bearing on our physical bodies. Also another possibility for depression is anger turned inward. This is anger that has not been expressed and sometimes even denied, which had developed from a previous hurt of some sort. Usually this hurt had developed because of some disappointment or because of actions of some other person.

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