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Reveloutions in Healthcare

             Considering failures of the current institutional health care system, home-care could be the highly beneficial long awaited revolution in America's health care history. As a certified medication assistant, working in the environments of nursing homes, assisted living centers, and hospitals; has provided insights into a few disturbing trends that exist among them. Cold and uncomfortable atmospheres, the illusion of retaining patient individualism and rights, and excessive and unnecessary cost, prevail in the current institutional health care system. Today, institutions such as nursing homes, assisted living centers, and hospitals are the American health care systems main solution to long term elderly and acute care. However, the present flaws in the American health care system is having stunningly negative mental health affects. Experience serving patients that are depressed and withdrawn, has been common. Most residents upon entering an institution for a duration of time, report having a difficult adjusting transition. Moreover, patients report feeling depressed and traumatized by the loss of the comfort of home and familiar surroundings. Feelings of depression can be easy to relate to when the idea that "the home is an alternative to the sterility and medicalized environment of both the hospital and long term care facility," (Robbins 179), is held. Futhermore, with the deficiency of Americas institutional health care system in addressing the crucial issues of atmosphere, patient rights, and spiraling cost only demonstrates the need for a new healthcare system that can more readily provide answers to such problems. Bringing health care home could be the better solution for long-term elderly and acute care. .
             Implementation from the majority use of institutions to a home-care health system, may seem like an impossible change but rather it is a long needed correction.

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