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Great Advantages of America In

            Great Advantages of America In Independence War.
             During the second half of the 18th century, the colonies of America wanted an independent country. There were many reasons for them to have their own country. One of the most important reasons was that many Americans believed that the Britain wanted to dominate Americans and enslave them in order to bring more wealth to the kingdom. In 1776, Britain declared war to rebelling colonies. They thought it would be easy to win the war because America was nothing but a bunch of colonies which had no army or any kind of experience in battles against well trained and organized armies.
             Americans had many advantages that could easily compensate the effects of having an unorganized army. First of all, the war took place around 4000 miles away from the main land of the English soldiers. It would take months for British army to supply food, money and additional troops to the war. On the other hand, Americans were fighting for their own independence on their own land. Basically, if Americans lost the war they would lose their identity and would face even more brutal policies from Britain. I think that was a very effective motivation for the American soldiers. .
             Also, America was an undeveloped place and there were no key targets in the country. America did not have a capital city or any big castles. As a result, the British had to conquer all of America to win the war and to stop Americans that are fighting back. .
             Another advantage of Americans was the help of France. America did not have a navy which is very necessary for a country that is surrounded by water. The French provided a strong navy to protect America from British attacks. The main reason for them to help America in this war was because they wanted to take the revenge and also wanted to take back the territories they had lost in the past. Also, France did not only provide a navy, but also provided money, food and military supplies to the rebelling colonies.

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