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Great Gatsby

             "I"m going to fix everything just the way it was before . This statement by Jay Gatsby optimizes his drive and desire to recapture the love of his dream girl. After 5 years away from his darling Daisy Fay, a stunning, privileged woman, Gatsby is brought back to her in The Great Gatsby. The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, tells the tale of Gatsby's return from war to the girl he left behind and the effects of his devotion to return to the way things were before. .
             A simple dream of love began when a youthful Jay Gatsby met a young blonde who won his heart with her looks and charm until they were separated by war. One day in nineteen-seventeen, an 18-year-old Daisy Fay was in her white roadster in front of her parent's gorgeous mansion with a Lieutenant from the local base. Little did she know, what life-altering actions she put in motion. The sight of Daisy made the Lieutenant fall head-over-heels for her. This Lieutenant was a young Jay Gatsby. After their meeting, Daisy called off working at the Red Cross making bandages and spent the day with Gatsby. With the War calling Gatsby over seas, he was forced to leave her in Louisville. She was so distraught about him leaving, she tried to flee from home and say goodbye to him in the east, only to be caught by her parents and kept from Gatsby until his return home.
             After Jay Gatsby's return to America, his goal to be reunited with Daisy was hindered when he discovered a wealthy socialite had taken her away and Gatsby wanted her back. Upon Gatsby's return to Louisville, he learned that Daisy had moved on to Chicago. She had gone there with her new husband Tom Buchanan, who was an athlete born of old money much like Daisy. With Gatsby at War, Daisy was pushed by her parents to begin a new life with Tom. Even though she still tried to cling on to hope of Gatsby's return, she reluctantly agreed to become Mrs. Buchanan. The night before the wedding, Daisy had one last cry.

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