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Ethnic Diversity in college

            At UW-Madison, you will be part of a diverse ethnic community whose richness is an important element of the education of all its members. Based on experiences in your specific minority community and in your high school, discuss ways in which the energy and challenges generated by diversity can create and enhance an accepting campus community. What do you see as your potential role and contribution?.
             Warren Township High School, at no more than 10% students, boasts a number that is extremely low to those of similar schools. What number of students is necessary to ensure that students of color do not feel socially isolated, and provides the school the enriched community we seek? The most frequent lament expressed among us the students of color is that "there are not enough of us-. To be the only one in a class, to be expected to express a point of view for your race is a burden no one enjoys. Warren Township strives to prepare students, to the fullest extent possible, to live fully in the world-both the world of their student days and the one they will inhabit as adults. We are convinced that only a community, which reflects to a meaningful degree the diversity of our society, can prepare students for today's diverse world and-more importantly-for the increasingly diverse world in which they will live. University of Wisconsin-Madison has made great strides to increase its diversity and enrich its community. .
             Their educators have recognized and respected their students' ethnic identities preparing them to assume common obligations and responsibilities of citizenship, which involve shared civic values. How do these educators depict accurately and fairly the rich ethnic diversity of the United States and also teach core values of a common American heritage? First is to communicate to students of various ethnic identities that they are valued members of the school community. Students are likely to learn more from classroom instruction when they feel accepted and valued by their teachers and peers.

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