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Compare and Contrast

             for choosing Sunny Day Real-Estate as your guide and partner into the exciting new world of home-ownership. Sunny Day Real-Estate has helped thousands of families find homes in the Pittsburg area for over one-hundred years, and we pledge to do the same for you. When we spoke to you last, you told us that you were interested in the following two homes: 371 Arla Street and 136 Duncan Avenue. As you may remember the asking price for each house is $90,000, and enclosed you will find several labeled pictures of the two homes. We would like to begin with comparing some of the features they both have to offer, in order to help you make your decision and being you life in your new home.
             Starting off with the Arla St. home, we can tell you that this house is located close to one of the main shopping districts in Pittsburg. The home has siding made of cedar wood. The cedar which is known for its durability against rain and snow does have an aged look that may need a coat of paint. It has two spacious bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It has wall to wall carpeting installed less than 6 years ago. A modern eat-in kitchen with an adjacent dining room. The basement here is not furnished, and the house is gas heated and cooled with a central air system. Although the backyard may seem a tad small, there is a well designed patio in the back that can accommodate a grill and table for summer-time bbq's. Finally, joined to the side of the house is a car-port.
             The first thing I can tell you about the Duncan Ave. home is that it is located in a suburban area, that is a little farther away from a shopping district. The home is a brick-stone sided residence. The previous owners had redone the outside shortly before moving, so you can be please with its fresh appearance. It also has two large, roomy bedrooms, and here there are 2 ½ bathrooms. Instead of carpeting the floors are made of oak wood, for that gorgeous rustic feel.

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