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Engineering Code of Ethics

            There are many character traits and assets that one could posses to be an engineer. These traits will differ between individuals, and how they perform their job. In the engineering world, there are many issues that engineers go through that are not apparent to most people. Examples of this include organizational, ethical, and legal pressures that an engineer must face. Ethics would probably bee the most important of these factors. The engineering code of ethics must be followed in the course of a job, and if it's neglected in any way, an engineer can most likely lose his employment, and respect by fellow engineers and companies. I believe that some of the character traits I posses that would help me succeed in the computer engineering field are honesty, dedication, time management skills, and a positive work ethic.
             Honesty plays a very important role in the workplace. If employees were to lie to one another about the job they are performing, what work would get done? Even though dishonesty is wrong, it occurs very often in the world of business. The ability to present the truth in a clear and concise manner to co-workers, bosses, and other companies is something that will greatly help an engineer's performance in the workplace. If you tell your boss that a design will not work, hopefully he will respect your honesty and wait till the problem has been dealt with. However, as seen in the movies presented in class, sometimes the upper management will go ahead and sell the idea anyways. This can make many non-desirable events happen for the company, and could ultimately end in the company going out of business. I have never lied to an employer or co-worker. Granted, I have not had a job that was significantly important, but this still applies to everything you do.
             Dedication to your job goes hand in hand with being honest about your work. If you don't enjoy your work, or simply just do it for the paycheck, the quality of this work has to suffer.

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