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            Now that we know about ergonomics, how are companies training their managers to adapt to the changes in policies and stipulations to comply with the needs of the employee? There are two different forms of managers in the ergonomics world. The new managers who through schooling and direction are familiar with ergonomics and the policies to deal with the problem, and there are the senior managers who through there education and background are just know becoming aware of the severity of ergonomics and the problem it poses. Companies are taking many different routes in instructing managers new and old to this problem. Now that the problem is becoming more eminent and common managers are having a very tough time adapting to the changes in policies they have grown accustomed to. Even though the long-term goal of ergonomics is to promote a comfortable workplace and increase production among all employees some management is still having trouble of recognize the problem. Seminars, lectures and briefings are being held for managers all around the managerial world to try and make mangers aware of the problems they will be facing in trying to make there office or offices comply to the regulations now in place to deal with the problem.
             New management consists of newly graduated managers and college students that are preparing to enter the workforce. General Electric has said they feel it would be easier to hire new managers who have background knowledge in ergonomics than it would be to train some of their tenured managers in the realms of ergonomics. Many companies who hire new managers are insisting they take extra seminar classes to familiarize them further in the aspects of ergonomics. Many companies who use assembly lines in their production are sending management and plant managers to a two-week seminar lecture retreat in New York simply called Ergonomics Training. This is to try and find simple ways to avoid the common problems they are getting from their assembly line workers.

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