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             Euthanasia, the act of painlessly killing an individual who has an incurable and painless disease, is presently seen as a murderous act. What society fails to realize is the fact that it can help thousands of individuals who are suffering. There are two forms of euthanasia: passive and active. Passive euthanasia involves the withdrawal of any life support. This form is legal and much more accepted by society. However, active euthanasia is condemned by society and involves a physician giving a patient lethal medication. But before taking sides on euthanasia one must understand the severe circumstances that the patient is undergoing. The patient is suffering from an incurable disease and no longer wants to live. Why should we let them suffer? .
             Euthanasia has been considered a homicidal act since it involves one person killing another. But murder and euthanasia are two very different things. In the Oxford Dictionary, murder is defined as "the unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought". Euthanasia involves no form of hatred whatsoever. The physician is merely performing an act of compassion towards the patient by ending the pain and suffering.
             One may argue that a physician is trying to play the role of God when killing a patient. But isn't the government playing God's role in Capital Punishment? According to an article by Daniel Callahan "Capital Punishment is still regarded by some religious conservatives as part of the tradition". However it seems to fit the definition of murder perfectly since it is not only premeditated and unlawful but also involves hatred (unlike euthanasia). If capital punishment can be considered ethical in some religious aspects, then it is simply hypocritical for euthanasia to be unacceptable. Both involve a person playing "God's role". .
             Some may also say that the medical profession should always preserve life. But we must put into consideration the fact that old diseased animals can be taken to a veterinarian and be put down.

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