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Greek Philosophy

             What are morals? Does everyone have morals? If so, what morals are just and .
             what morals are unjust? Is it just to kill someone even if your life is in danger? Is .
             it just for a professional basketball player to play for the money and not for the love of .
             the game? These are some questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about .
             what is morally right and what is morally wrong. Everyone has different morals and .
             beliefs about everything. My morals are doing what is best. If my life was in danger .
             and it came down to killing someone, I would kill that person. I am not going to just .
             stand there and let that person kill me. If I had something to defend myself, like a gun,.
             I would use it to the best of my ability to protect myself from any harm. Another strong .
             belief that I have is about cheating. If I had the chance to cheat on a test I would not do .
             it. I feel that I am in school to learn and to plan my future. Cheating off someone's test .
             would not help me or benefit my needs anymore than failing the test. I would learn more .
             by failing the test, to see what I missed and what I needed to study more, than to cheat. .
             There are four reasons why we should behave justly. 1) To avoid .
             punishment. (Benko, notes) If we behave unjustly we will soon be punished for those acts .
             and most human beings don't like to be punished in any way. People will kill themselves .
             to avoid punishment. 2) If we could get away with crimes, we would commit them. .
             (Benko, notes) If we knew that we could get away with killing someone we would have a .
             major decrease in population. Today so many people have so much hate for one another .
             that if we could just go outside and kill someone, just because we didn't like them, then .
             we would. 3) The truly unjust person would have to be perceived as just. To be truly .
             unjust, he or she would have to fool everyone into thinking, the unjust will live a better .
             life and be remembered better.

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