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Ideas Of Success

             Is success a measure of how much wealth one obtains as a result of their career? Or is success a measure of one's personal growth regardless of the material goods obtained?.
             According to Michael Korda, success seems to be a materialistic definition. The true definition of success within the dictionary is: favorable outcome, accomplishment of what was aimed at, attainment of wealth or fame or position. Personally, I think success is an accomplishment and not specifically aimed at obtaining money. Success is self satisfaction. .
             Success has different meaning for the individual throughout their life. It is an accomplishment that creates self satisfying feelings for the person. According to Korda, success is a journey a process, this is true. One of the first obstacles beginning of life is to say the first few words or take the first steps. With hard work, focus, and effort a toddler achieves this obstacles and "succeeds". That is one example and as the toddler grows older, obtaining knowledge by learning what they are taught in school is the next step. .
             Success can also be thought of in a broader aspect. It can be one higher goal of life. Perhas smaller achievement and accomplishments will lead to that final success in life at the old age in life. Did you get all the knowledge you wanted? Did that knowledge help you in surviving obstacles in life? Is success linked to the "survival of the fittest" theory? That is what is success, surviving life healthy. .
             In conclusion, success is achieving all the goals you had in life starting from birth until the final end. Success is a lifetime process. It can be achieved by all classes in society and is certainly relative to the individuals. There is always an obstacle in each stage of a lifetime and to be able to overcome those obstacles as well as achieve the dreams set at the same time, is an accomplishment.

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