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Media Violence

             Television became commercial in 1945, after World War II (Smith 142). Within 65 years television has become a daily routine for children and adults. Television is the most pervasive influence in Americans daily lives. At least one television is found in every American home. You flip your channels and all you see is violence. Is this really necessary? Television has lately been pushing the limits. It has gone from good clean Bill Cosby funny to South Park and the television stations think that it is okay to expose children to violence at such a young age. They have this attidude All they care about is money. Recently, the television stations have put a new The television stations are making all of this money, and our children are the ones that suffer. We as a nation must identify the problem, the need to change, and the possible solutions. .
             During the past decade, violence with children has become a serious problem. On February 2, 1996, a 14-year-old boy opened fire as he walked into his junior high algebra class. He shot and killed his teacher, two of his peers and injured others. A year later, a sixteen-year-old boy stabs his mother to death, then proceeds to school and shoots 9 of his peers. In the same year, a 14-year-old boy killed 5 students because they were praying in the hallway. During 1998, a thirteen and an eleven year old boy walked into school, set an alarm off, shot 4 students and teachers to death, and wounded several others. A month later a 15-year-old child was armed with three guns walks while walking into a cafeteria and opens fire. He kills 1 and wounded 15 others. Later his parents are found dead in his home. All of these little boys claimed that a television show had influenced then to do what they did. During 1999, it was an unforgettable year for America. At least six more incidents occurred but this time it became a national dilemma. America opens its eyes.

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