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Money In America

            Since the beginning of time money has big one of the biggest concerns of the citizens of.
             America as well as that of the government. Money is what people live for. Though it may not.
             seem like it but living in America there are more poor than well off people. By well off i mean the.
             middle class citizens and there are even less rich people. .
             Our economy is based on money. Or should I say our economics growth depends on how.
             much money there is in the economy. Our economic finance grows due to the continuous.
             circulation of money. Some factor that may affect the actually growth of the economy (in size) is.
             the population. And with a bigger population it is understood that there would be a higher GDP.
             Thomas Malthus had a theory which said the worlds population would out grow the food.
             supply. It was not proven correct, but I do not think it will ever happen. Our economy is too.
             advanced to have people starving because the food supply is low. If the food supply was getting.
             low would you sit around until you starved to death? No. That is why we have farmers and food.
             producers. As long as there is a way to make food I do not think this nation could starve. If there.
             was a possibility of starvation the most important thing we have could be used to get what we.
             need. That important thing of course is money. In addition to money there is also labor that could.
             be used to get more money. Maybe in a small unindustrial country would Malthus" theory be.
             proven right. But not in a nation as industrialized as America.
             Could our nation grow with out harming itself? It was said that economic growth adds to.
             environmental decay. It may add to the "green house affect" and pollution but I believe economic.
             growth is what keeps this nation growing. As businesses expand they of course would have to use.
             more resources. If something is going to, in the end, help the economy would it not be wise to use.
             that resource to some extent. Pollution is something that has been going on for years and due to.

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