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             Racial differences in educational achievement has long been a heated debate and the subject of numerous studies, discussions and even laws all trying to explain and correct this academic phenomenon. SAT scores, grades, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data and class rank scream the existence of racial lines in our schools as Whites out perform African Americans, Latinos and other minorities by huge differences. Academic performance between races has becomes more divided recently despite the corrective attempts of affirmative action and many other programs designed to close this gap. With the ever increasing numbers of minorities and the growing need for a good education the burning billion-dollar question remains of what should be done to improve minority success in our educational system?.
             A National Task Force on Minority High Achievement, "Reaching The Top,"" comprised of many well-respected scholars, university heads, businessmen and researchers tried tackling this question of minority displacement. The Task Force examined the lacking number of minorities, specifically African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans, that had scores typical of students are well prepared for college (Reaching the Top 6). Since the release of this report in 1999 it has seemed to have only sparked more discussions, finger pointing and controversy then solve problems though many recommendations were made. .
             One of the recommendations made by The Task Force proposes that race-related programs be created to improve academic performance in these three minority groups (Reaching the Top 33). The Task Force gives the impression that these groups have been discriminated against in some way through our history which has partly contributed to their educational disadvantage, and that these programs would offer a "quick fix."" This is definitely a bold proposal considering the legal flack affirmative action has been taking lately especially since the passing of California's Proposition 209 (Outlawing the use of race as a factor of admissions to the University of California, public employment and state contracting) and has raised much debate.

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