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            During the war of 1812, the United States stalemated Britain, the most powerful country at the time.
             Following the war of 1812, nationalism was building on a strong, solid.
             foundation which also had its weaknesses.
             An example of how nationalism was built on a strong foundation started with the treaty of Ghent. .
             The treaty of Ghent was signed on Christmas eve 1814 by both the British and Americans. They agreed.
             that any land taken would have to be returned. It also re-established the boarders between The United.
             States and Canada at the 49th parallel. The final agreement was the ending of the war. Although no one.
             won the war, it was a moral victory for the U.S. because they stalemated the most powerful country in the.
             world, Britain. Another example would be the Era of Good Feelings. After the war, politically, republicans.
             dominated. At the Hartford convention, where the federalist wanted to become separated from the U.S.
             was the last attempt the federalist had to obtain power. During the convention the decline of federalist.
             began. In the Era of Good Feeling was when federalist disappeared. During the election of 1820, James.
             Monroe won 231-1. This shows nationalism because there was only one political party that united the.
             people together. Finally the supreme court was making unified decisions to bring the states together, In.
             Maryland, the state tried to tax the national bank. The supreme court said that no state has the power to.
             tax federal institutions. This became known as McCullon V. Maryland. Another case was Fletcher V. Perk. .
             During this case Georgia wanted to break a contract. The supreme court said that no state can pass a law.
             top destroy contract. This is Judicial Nationalism. These examples show how nationalism was built on a.
             strong, stable foundation.
             An example of how nationalism was built on a shaky foundation was the Panic of 1819. This was.
             the first great depression the United States went through.

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