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Business 2 Business

             Purchasing products online is a relatively new method of shopping that customers are slowly getting accustomed to. The traditional shopping method, on the other hand, has its own disadvantages, such as the amount of time spent in the process. Though both methods have their pros and cons, each is of higher preference in regards to the type of customer and his/her particular situation.
             Purchasing books online offers the transparency of cost. Customers can view multiple quotes for the particular book/s and select the more feasible, hence shortening the time of decision. Online shopping can be termed as an intelligent service. A customer returning to the same online store will probably be remembered and therefore save time in future transactions. By storing customer data, online retailers can stay in communication with customers advertising new arrivals and applicable discounts. .
             Online retail customers do face mediation in certain stages of such ecommerce transactions. Customers cannot easily authenticate/identify the merchandise being sold online. There is a physical presence of the traditional book store that no amount of scripting will match. Here customers can feel and examine the book more closely and thus the real presence of the book allows them to brows its content. They can consult with the merchant face to face or perhaps consult with other browsing customers to confirm their selection. More importantly traditional shopping promises anonymity. Customers do not need to share their personal information in traditional transactions. .
             As a result, majority of customers currently use the advantages of both business models to shop. Most will consult online retailers for the book in mind, acquiring as much information as possible before proceeding to purchase the book via traditional process.
             By comparing both exhibits, it clearly seems that the online bookseller has lower operating costs in comparison to Barnes and Noble's traditional business model.

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