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             The national war against public smoking has become a big debate towards health effects and the air pollution that it causes. Public smoking offenders can be fined or even put in jail because of their disobedience. Drivers of buses can refuse entry to their vehicles to anyone carrying a lit cigarette in some cities. The new laws do not hinder those that do not smoke, until their rights are broken. Public smoking should be banned because of the health problems that second-hand smoke introduces to the non-smoking population. There are others that may not agree because they think their right to freedom is being overlooked. There are many minor reasons for which public smoking should be banned, but passive smoke and air pollution are two major reasons.
             The first major reason that public smoking should be banned is that it causes passive smoking. Passive smoking increases one's risk of lung cancer. Edmondson says, "There is a fifteen to twenty-four percent chance that ETS or passive smoking will cause some sort of lung cancer, ischaemic heart disease, middle ear disease, or childhood respiratory disease" (961). Edmondson writes, "When America's War on cigarettes began in 1965, 42 percent of adults were smokers" (60). Edmondson later says, "Today, only 27 percent of adults aged 20 and older smoke, according to the National Center for Health Statistics" (60). The two percents show a great decline in the number of people .
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             that smoke. Even though the percents are down, the risk of cancer from second-hand smoke is astonishing. "Second-hand smoke causes 43,000 annual deaths from heart disease and lung cancer" (Edmondson 60). The death rate in Mississippi is " fifty-five 100,000" (Edmondson 60). " The proportion of adults who favor a total ban on restaurant smoking has risen from twenty-eight percent in 1991 to thirty-eight percent in 1994" (Edmondson 60). Restaurant smoking should be banned altogether.

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