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            I am here to talk to you today about cigarette smoking. I am not going to discuss in depth the extreme physical dangers of tobacco, because most of you know that already. Rather I am going to shed light on some of the overlooked negative aspects of smoking. I"m first of all not going to stand up here and lecture you on how you shouldn't smoke because you are all young adults who can make their own decisions. Also, if you do smoke, I"m not going to lose any sleep over it. I just want you to make your decisions based on facts, and your own personal choice, and not on a warped sense of social fitting in. I am going to tell you facts and stories about the nuisances of smoking.
             First for a little introduction on myself; my name is Benjamin Katz. I am a freshman at Penn State University, and by no means am I the perfect student. I know exactly what you are all thinking right now, "how did our school get such a suave stud to do a lecture?" The answer is simply there are a lot of nice looking girlies out there and I"m just trying to get. No but seriously folks. I was a smoker from seventh to ninth grade. I definitely began smoking to be the rebellious youth who looked grown up and didn't take crap from anybody. The honest reason I quit was because I truly never liked smoking. Waking up with the worse breath ever and hacking up a lung lost its appeal fast. I"m fully aware of the sorts of people who give lectures to schools. Most walk around like they have a ten-inch stick up their ass, and by the looks of them; they don't look exactly like social gurus. I"m just a normal college student who enjoys the occasional refreshment and having a good time. I came here to voice my opinion and change some bad habits. I hope in this brief lecture I hold your interest and leave you with a few new things to ponder about smoking. First some basic facts about tobacco.
             Tobacco is the leading cause of death in America due to a preventable cause.

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