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The Great Gatsby

             Scott Fitzgerald is a novel about the American Dream, and the different effects it has on people in the 1920's. For Jay Gatsby, the protagonist in the novel, his dream is to find his true love, Daisy, through wealth and power. Through their appearance there remains an empty space that only love can seal. As dazzling and attractive Gatsby and Daisy may seem, beyond their clothes and wealth lies an unexplainable feeling of love and remembrance. In the passage selected, Gatsby and Daisy encounter a whole new meaning to clothes. Which consumes them into a time they have once lost. .
             In this chapter the reunion between Gatsby and Daisy arouses uncomfortable emotions between them both. This is the first time we see them together. We can see how their characters start adjusting to an odd situation. There is a mutual anxiety between the two. When Daisy catches sight of Gatsby for the first time in years, her reactions are somewhat awkward. Her gestures are those of excitement, yet of fear. Daisy was surprised, as well as, excited to have been, once again, in the eyes of Gatsby. I believe she was afraid of what might come after this encounter. On the other hand, she seems delighted of what will occur between her and Gatsby. As Gatsby is near Daisy, his movements are jittery and uncontrollably incapable of calming his emotions. His character drastically changes from a captivating man with swift moves to a child suffering an anxiety attack. He knocks down a clock and luckily grasps it before it hitting the ground. As he puts the clock in place, he apologizes t!.
             o Daisy. Once Nick leaves, they start to fall in love again. .
             Gatsby begins to feel at ease with Daisy's presence. He invites her, along with Nick up to his room. As he recollects himself from his emotions, he opens his closet towards Nick and Daisy. They seemed to be surprised over the quantity of clothes he had stacked in his closet. This already shows that Gatsby is a man of wealth because he can afford the immensity of clothes he has.

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