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The Fight Against Pollution

             Nature and Technology have brought about so many changes in are environment.
             according to researcher, Bill Mckibben, author of "The End of Nature" and researcher,.
             Gregg Easterbrook, author of "Forget PCBs. Radon. Alar: The World's Greatest.
             Environmental Dangers Are Dung Smoke and Dirty Water." In order to protect the.
             world's remaining habitats, we must stop and pay attention to what it is that we are doing.
             First, we must pay close attention to what we have done to alter are environment .
             so drastically. Every year we see all of the changes that we have brought about. Some of.
             them are changes in the atmosphere like sunlight, rain, and weather. Hazardous levels of.
             toxic air and polluted waters have taken a turn for the worst also, causing fear-inspiring.
             problems all over the world. Gregg Easterbrook and Bill Mckibben both point out.
             extremely important points, but Gregg Easterbrooks argument seems to have stronger and.
             more urgent problems needing to be addressed like air and water pollution.
             Lets take a closer look into the environmental dangers that are occurring in this.
             present day. According to one researcher, "Throughout the world, many more people die.
             each year from filthy air and dirty water than from, dioxin, electromagnetic radiation,.
             nuclear wastes, PCBs, pesticide residues, and ultraviolet rays" (Easterbrook 636).
             It is time that we approach these disturbing truths before it is to late. What can we do to.
             prevent and hopefully change the foreseen future? We can start with getting educated.
             about what pollution is and how it is caused. Gurinder Shahi, of the U.N. Development.
             Program, estimates that in Nepal rural women spend five or six hours a day on foot.
             searching for fuel wood and carrying it home. Such labors deny them the time for.
             education and result in health damage to themselves and their children. (qtd. in.
             Easterbrook 639). There are so many little contributing things that we do and do not even.

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