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Presence of God

             To everyone, God is a question of concern. There are the people who are very religious and cherish Him, and then there are those who don"t believe in Him at all. There are always obstacles in life that makes one another question if there is a god out there. In the novel Night, there are many arguments about God and if He truly does exist. In the book there are struggles with the belief of God. Some characters have their own struggles and had to fight to overcome them. No matter what happened in the novel, almost all of the characters cherished, questioned, and prayed for his help to survive.
             No matter where the Jews were they would still follow their religion, even if it were not the best time. From the start of the deporting of the Jews, they still prayed and worshipped God. "Oh God, Lord of the Universe, take pity upon us in Thy great mercy."(Wiesel 17). As the Jews of Sighet were moved into the ghettos, they could only take what they could carry on their back. They left everything important and valuable in life behind, taking only clothes, food, and their own beliefs to help them survive. Even though the Jews were suffering, they still managed to pray and look up to God. As the Jews arrived to Auschwitz, beliefs of God were mangled and anger started to take over, as people wanted to revolt against the German officers. They also could not believe that God would ever let all of this happen. As people saw babies get thrown into flaming pits, everything became worse. The older people reminded their children, "You must never lose faith, even when the sword hangs over your head. That's the teaching of our sages"(Wiesel 29). Everyone helped one another to remember God's presence so they would not lose faith and give up, since the only ways to survive were to help one another and stick together. From the beginning of the deportation, and as time went on, people began to feel that God was not within them anymore.

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