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             Some five hundred years ago Sir Thomas More created and recorded what his own utopia would consist of. While considering his utopia Sir Thomas More took into account: geography of the land, laws, type of government, occupations, daily life, philosophy, economy, religion, and foreign policy. Sir More took nearly every aspect of society and defined how each would be done or run. Sir More's utopia was so complete and well thought out that it became very difficult for me to find something I did not agree with. However there were a couple of aspects that I wholeheartedly agreed with. First was the way that he made use of the countries gold and silver; second was the use of mercenaries to fight their battles, rather than using their own peoples. These two aspects are what made Sir More's utopia so appealing to me. .
             The reason that I agreed with Sir More's idea to eliminate the use of gold and silver was because one of today's society's major problems is the huge gap between upper and lower class citizens. Its human nature to want what the other person has, better quality and more of it. Having luxury items creates a desire for them, a desire that only the wealthy upper class can obtain; for the lower class, not being able to afford these items may lead to envy, and possibly theft or violence. These crimes may very well be just the beginning of a life of bigger crimes. Not having any use for gold, silver or flashy items eliminates all of the problems caused by jealousy and envy. Another reason that having no practical use for gold is good is that is gets rid of hoarding and greed. There is no currency in More's utopia, everyone gets what they need when they need it, so there is no need to take more than what is required and hoard it; this reduces waste of goods, and allows those extra goods to be sent where it is needed. .
             Not having a need for gold and silver means that the country will always have an abundance of it, to be used for trading, and for hiring people to fight their battles.

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