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World Trade Center

            And so it has started "What?" you will ask. It depends on the way you look at the world you live in. It depends on how you understand it. It depends on whether you are religious or not. It also depends on whether you are willing to open your eyes to try and see what is happening to the human race in its latest, and, as some predict, last chapter. Some sources, including the Bible, Revelation Book 9, say it is the start of the end of the world, as we know it. Some say it is the start of World War III, as America and its allies, after destroying terrorist sites in Afghanistan, will continue onto other rogue countries and organizations. Opportunists say that it is a great time for the Western world, U.S. in particular, to solidify its might and influence throughout the rest of the world. In fact, looking at the overall image of historical development of world powers, the present times are becoming a fixture of the new civic landscape {Joe Klein}. .
             After the attacks on September 11th, the unity between American people became obvious. When I look into people's eyes, walking by, or sitting in my car, crawling in traffic, never before have I seen so much of this "something", something that is warm something that says "Hello, how you doing?" The crime rate decreased significantly since the attacks. People understand that there's something large and significant at stake now - our way of life. .
             American flags are everywhere - in windows, on cars, on people's clothing. Some people even have tattoos, showing their pride. These things demonstrate unity and we feel proud to be who we are. This tragic event has brought our nation much closer together, there is an overwhelming sense of togetherness, and the nationalism that is seen is amazing. But, it's too bad that, as usual, it takes death to bring people closer together {Special Urbsoc Forum}. .
             During the first week after the attacks, I had a feeling that somehow the majority of our allies don't understand the significance of the threats that those attacks bear.

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