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An Idea Of Overall Personal Satisfaction With Life

            An Idea of Personal Satisfaction About Life.
             The motivation for this paper is to determine overall satisfaction with life in society today. There are two different types of sociological theories that are to be considered through this research. The first is the structural-functional theory which explains how parts of a society fit together to make a whole, and how it contributes to society. The second sociological model is conflict theory, which is a theoretical framework in which society is viewed as composed of groups competing for scarce resources. .
             The method used to conduct this research was the survey method. The questions were asked by the interviewer directly and the answers to the questions are close-ended. The total number of compiled class subjects interviewed is 96, each was asked from the same questionnaire. The questionnaire is indicated as Appendix 1. The questionnaire consisted of 3 categories - work, family and issues. The questions under the work category asked the subject if they felt appreciated at their job, if they felt they were paid what they are worth, and it asked if they derived any rewards from their job other than their salary/money. Under the family category the questions asked if there was an O.K. balance in their life today between career/job requirements and personal and family obligations, if the rewards of marriage/family life today equal the obligations, and if having children (now or in the future) was an important part of their family life. The last category was about issues and its questions asked if they felt the U.S. medical system does an adequate job of providing care, if the U.S. educational system does a fair and equal job of educating everyone, if minimum wage was fair for employers and employees today, and lastly if medical care should remain part of our free enterprise system or be changed to a government supported care for all. .

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