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Drugs And Behavior

             Throughout the course of the last three weeks, the phrase "moderation is the key" is one that in the end proves itself correct. Excess of any activity can lead to negative consequences, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol use. One might claim that is just common sense that having too much fun will catch up with you. It is the inevitable. However, I have learned through this class that it takes more than just "common sense" to recognize a potential problem. By recording the daily activities of my social life I have actual written proof of what is considered "having too much fun". By having to monitor the consumption, cost, and consequences of the drug and alcohol use around me made me see my social circle and myself from a different perspective. From the dates of September 2 - September 22, my drug log kept me very busy. I kept record of my social life and any thing drug-related. .
             The instructions for the first week of the drug log were to monitor drug-related activity as I normally would encounter them. I was excited to keep the log because it seemed very interesting and I was hoping maybe I would learn something from it. I knew my friends and I socialized frequently and thought at first jotting down our use of alcohol and drugs would be funny. We all know that sometimes we get excessive with partying but we just attribute it to being "a crazy night". I don't think we have ever taken into account of the reality of what we do. A lot of people make jokes about their drinking and developing addiction problems but no one ever talks about it seriously. There are a few people who everyone knows drinks too much, but that is usually phrased as "he or she parties hard". From Monday September 2nd through Sunday September 8th, the only day that I refrained from using was Sunday. I felt very sick from the previous night, but looking back at the entries now I realize it was from the entire past week.

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