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            Throughout the world, Greece probably has one of the longest and most tumultuous histories. The pattern by which Greece's democratic tendencies seem to follow is no exception to this general rule. The establishment of the New Democracy Party was no easy task for Greece. Constantine Karamanlis founded the New Democracy Party on October 4, 1974. It was founded to ensure Greece's future as a Republic rather than a Constitutional Monarchy. The necessity of the New Democracy Party arose seven years before its eventual formation. In 1974, the mission of the New Democracy was to be, "the political party that identifies the nation with the people, the homeland with its people, the state with its citizens, national independence with the people's sovereignty, progress with the common good, political freedom with the rule of law and social justice" (Important Moments). .
             Just before the scheduled elections were to take place on April 21, 1967, a group of high ranking military officials led by Col. George Papadopoulos seized power from the government in a coup d'etat. "The leaders of the 1967 revolt did not represent the interests of the personnel of any of the traditional political parties" (Papacosma 185). Civil liberties were suppressed, specific military courts were established, and most of the political parties were dissolved. A major portion of political opponents were imprisoned or exiled to remote Greek islands. Papadopoulos would rule for the next several years (U.S. Department of State).
             Throughout the majority of 1973, an enormous amount of dissention within the armed forces and student disturbances combined with a skyrocketing rate of inflation shook the foundations of George Papadopoulos's regime. Greece's attempt in July 1974 to assassinate Archbishop Makarios, the President of Cyprus, brought Greece to the brink of war with Turkey. Senior Greek military officers then withdrew their support from the junta (the leading political party), which subsequently toppled the regime.

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