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How Education Improves Society

             Education is one of the most important tools that a society possesses.
             implementation of this tool is one of the greatest ways of assuring the quality of life within a .
             society. Life is a struggle and education is a turning point in society. Education improves .
             people's life style, and social environment. Education is essential in almost every aspect of our .
             lives. Considering all the improvements and differences that education has made, we are unable .
             to see what it has done to us. Today we see education simply as academic success; but that is not .
             all there is to education. Being yourself, valuing your culture and identity, and remaining in .
             family are the key issues that we should consider when thinking of getting a long term education .
             that will influence our lives positively and forever. Education improves people socially, and .
             helps them succeed.
             Education displays a very important place in society, having several purposes that .
             are of great importance to the society. One of them is the increase in people's knowledge .
             resulting in more intelligent and educated persons, training them for almost every problem that .
             might come up. As a result, they can service to people composing the society, because they are .
             trained and educated to do so. Another purpose is that people learn their responsibilities as .
             citizens and the importance of values such as trust and justice. In addition, education has the .
             purpose of making everybody a better person developing interests in things, job or careers that .
             can improve life style. The ability to better ourselves, is one of the strongest inherit abilities of .
             the human race. Without the consistent development of the human race, life would be nothing more than survival. At its most level of definition, education is nothing more than the teaching of .
             ideas. The early stages of schooling instill more attitude and social skills than knowledge. The .
             younger stage of a person's life is usually the most definable years of live.

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