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Market Revolution

             Considered to be the most impassioned of all the abolitionists, William Lloyd garrison led a life dedicated to emancipating slavery. Garrison spoke out eloquently and passionately against the slave system, and for the rights of America's black citizens. In 1831, Garrison started a newspaper called the Liberator; he used it as anti-slavery propaganda. Although the subscription list was no more than three thousand, it was considered to be the most effective anti-slavery propaganda in country. In his very first issuance of the paper, William Garrison stated, "I do not wish to think, speak, or write, with moderation . I am in earnest "I will not equivocate "I will not excuse "I will not retreat a single inch "AND I WILL BE HEARD.""(Bailey 365) Likewise, Garrison felt just as passionate about women's rights as he did slavery. He worked closely with the Sarah and Angelina Grimke, trying to endorse female activism. Garrison once wrote, "to redeem women as well as men from a servile to an equal condition---we shall go for the rights of women to their utmost extent.""(Unger 328) Similar to the Grimke sisters, Garrison got into the idea of society's, and institutions. When he was 25, he joined the American Colonization Society, an organization that turned corrupt, trying to preserve the institution of slavery. However, in 1832, 12 members of the African meetinghouse signed the preamble for the New England Anti-slavery Society, which later turned into the American Anti-slavery society. He believed that institutions preserved the rights of people and the general welfare of inhabitants that lived in the United States. Giving them support and protection. He also believed that emancipation of slaves could not be done through a political process, therefore Garrison did not support any kind of political action. He only wished that organized religious leaders would give more support toward the fight against slavery.

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