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Industrial revolution

            Using the documents and you knowledge of the period, what were the most important factors which promoted the early Industrial Revolution in the U.S.?.
             The key factors which promoted the early Industrial Revolution in the U.S. were new inventions, transportation, and immigration. One of the most important factors to the Industrial Revolution was the development of new technology. These inventions such as the cotton gin, mechanical reaper, steamboat, and the steam locomotive were ideal to a productive society. The use of the steam locomotive enabled faster transportation and shipment of goods. The use of the mechanical reaper and cotton gin made work easier and faster, so workers could get a lot done at once. The use of this new technology allowed people to become more efficient. This factor helped increased the market and contributed to a growing economy.
             Throughout the industrial revolution transportation was vital to the growth of the economy, the shipments of raw materials such as cotton were sent to the northern factories by railroad. Others forms of transportation such as steamboats and clipper ships were important forms of transportation after the construction of canals, this also allowed the shipment of goods to different areas. The developments of roads were also important transportation factors. All these forms of transportation allowed the goods of the south to be shipped to factories in the north where they where manufactured into products which could be sold again, thus regulating the economy.
             Another factor which stimulated the Industrial Revolution was the immigration from foreign countries. The immigration of people from European countries increased the population of the United States. Since there were more people in the United States there was more labor available. Many immigrants got jobs working in factories which the made textiles and other goods. The immigration factor increased the market and capital and furthermore strengthened the economy.

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