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Industrial revolution

             When we hear the word "revolution", we usually first interpret it with words such as rebellion, revolt, uprising, and riot. Some might even infer it in context with a violent overthrow of government such as that took place in the American and French Revolutions. This "forcible overthrow of government", is only one of the meanings attached to the word "revolution." The word "revolution" can also mean a complete change in something or a sudden or momentous change in a situation. It is the latter meaning of "revolution" that construes with the Industrial Revolution.
             The Industrial Revolution profoundly modified the standard of living and way of life all across the world, but mainly in Europe. There are two era's which make up this revolution. The first one lasted from 1750-1870, and the second one started in 1870 and continues to the present day. The first revolution dealt with advances in the steam, coal, and iron industries. As for the second, new sources of power were developed such as electrical and nuclear power. This industrialization made goods easier and quicker to produce. Goods were now being produced by machines rather than by hand. This method of producing goods in factories rapidly increased commerce all throughout Europe. The increased output of these goods made them more inexpensive and affordable to consumers.(Madrick).
             There were many factors that contributed to the development of industry in England in the eighteenth century. At the time England had the most powerful navy in the world and had built strong colonial empires in lands such as America, Latin America, and Africa. In England's mercantilist economy there was a high demand for goods and new markets were always developing and expanding.(Adas) England was able to expand its market for manufactured goods because it was cheaper for them to export goods.(Adas) There were also tariffs that hindered its imports.

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