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            I look at things in life differently. I look at some things with a positive attitude and some things with a negative attitude. There is one thing in my life that means everything to me. That one thing is being an athlete. And to me that is the thing I am most optimistic about in my life. To me there are so many great reasons to being an athlete. For example there is, people look up to you, you make some of the best friends that you will ever meet, and finally it always gives you something to do, and I believe makes you a better person.
             To start off, what is better than having people that are younger than you saying that they want to be like you when it comes to sports, which in my case is baseball. There is no greater feeling then that. Every time I see something like that it just puts chills down my back, and makes me want to go out there every time and give it everything that I have. I mean the dream of being in the major leagues means everything to me, and it makes even more special knowing you have thousands of people rooting for you every time you go out and play. That is a priceless moment, and it would make all the hard work that comes with being an athlete worth it. I know when I was little I used to say I wanted to be like the baseball players that were older than me, and now that I am there I work hard hoping that someday I will have the same thing happening to me. .
             In addition, the next reason I am so optimistic about being an athlete is because you make some of the best friends that you will ever make through being an athlete. When you are on a team with other kids your age you know that there will be that bond, and friendships will be made. I know that all of my best friends have come from me being sports and playing or even competing against them. I think the reason that you form such good friendships together is because it is like you are in a battle together, and you know that you have to work together or you want succeed.

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