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            Almost every family has had to watch the slow and painful death of a loved one or family member from some sort of chronic illness. They have to make careful but wise decisions for that person unless they are able to decide on their own whether or not they should be kept alive because of their illness. The better response to patients in pain is not to kill them but to make sure that the medicine and technology currently available to control pain is used completely.
             There are many issues on the matter of why euthanasia should not be performed. Medical associations whose members are dedicated to saving and extending life, feel uncomfortable ending a person's life. Also groups concerned with disabilities, fear that euthanasia is the first step towards a society that will kill disabled people against their will. After receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness, a person normally goes through a series of stages in coming to terms with awaiting death. Nevertheless the issue of resolving unfinished business in the patients" life, this is a valuable process that is cut short if euthanasia is performed. Most patients look for suicide as an answer not because they are sick but because they are depressed. If treated with proper care for depression the need for suicide will fade.
             Although the argument stands that euthanasia should be abolished, individuals consider that those who are sick have the choice to be killed. If a person requests aid in dying, it should always remain a personal decision. People who want assisted suicide show cases of terminal illnesses are in intractable pain and want to end their life. However a patient with a terminal illness is weak and suffers from the fear of the future. Suicide is a legal act that is theoretically available to all, but a person who is in a hospital or is disabled may not be able to exercise this act. They are being discriminated because of their disability thinking that they are not capable of making decisions.

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