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             Many times have I been called a freak and never knew what it really meant. Or maybe you have called someone a freak, or looked at him or her funny because they were different. In this paper I hope to define what it really means to be a freak.
             Webster says that a freak is," an abnormal person, place, or thing." Before we can tell normal from abnormal we must first understand what normal is. Webster defines normal as," conforming to a certain type or standard." " Free from mental defect." .
             So when you call someone a freak, you are saying that they are abnormal and mentally defective. This is not a very nice thing to say to someone. It may cause the person to "freak out." According to Webster to "freak out" is to, "lose control of oneself under the influence of drugs or have a similar reaction without drugs." .
             The jails and sanitariums are full of freaks. The people who were not able to conform to the norm. The people who have cracked under the pressure of society to be just like everyone else. These are the ones that we call freaks. The majority could consider any minority freaks. Anyone who does not think, act, or feel the same way that everyone else does is labeled a freak. .
             Is this right? Is it right to label people in this way when all anyone wants is to feel accepted for who they are? If we were all the same the world would be a boring place. We would all dress the same, listen to the same music, and think the same way. This seems to be exactly what Corporate America and Uncle Sam would like to achieve. These, my friends, are the real freaks.

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