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             Scott Olson was the first who invented the in line skates that could be use without ice. His idea was to provide skaters something to play and practice their skills during off-season. He made a two by two skate to become an in line skate, which was similar to the ice hockey skate during winter season. .
             The first company that invented an in line skate was Rollerblade. Rollerblade was created since 1700, and they had a very good respond from suppliers, which were skaters. Rollerblade had a very good marketing from 1980 to 1990. They were one of the best growing market during that time because it was a new product that people had never done it before. Their product growth was high until 1996. At that time, Nike and Fila turn out to be Rollerblade biggest competitors because they are branded name companies. Then more of competitors came, which were Rossignol, Salomon, and K2. People wanted something that they knew were the best. Rollerblade's economy went down until late 1990. Rollerblade provided more technological on their in line skates. They made off-road skate to use in the summer X games, which is a very popular skate tournament, and also the nature skate. Those kinds of their new technologies brought Rollerblade up to their position again. .
             Rollerblade's products were maturity product because a lot of people started to know more about in line skate. Not only European and American who knew about it, but also some of the Asian people who tired to play it and used it in everyday life. According to the BCG growth-share matrix, I would say that Rollerblade should be in the box of "Question mark". Since some of people in average of 18 to 55 years old liked to play it, but this sport was not becoming popular yet. So Rollerblade should think if they should spend most of their money on in line skate or something else?.
             From what I think, Rollerblade should have all four of the marketing strategies.

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