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Sociology Family

            Many people have been socialized to believe that the definition of a .
             family looks a lot like an old fashioned telivision sitcom, consisting of a .
             nuclear family, which is "a family group comprising only the wife, the husband, .
             and their children However, a family is a .
             relativist concept, meaning it varies from place to place and through .
             One detail of families that is definite is that they are extremely .
             varied. Conventional kin is the definition of a family that the government .
             and society uses [for social benefits, etc] people related by blood or law. .
             Discretionary kin are people related by blood or law at some point, but whom .
             the individual may or may not recognize as family. Fictive kin are people or .
             pets that have no blood or legal relation, but whom the individual recognizes .
             as family. Political, economic, legal, religious and .
             emotional interests are all factors that help shape this definition. In .
             contemporary society, families are labeled as nuclear, single-parent, blended, .
             adoptive, foster, extended, non-traditional and gay/lesbian. In many cultures .
             a family can include multiple spouses. A family of procreation is created .
             through marriage [and] a family of orientation is the one in which a child .
             grows upA functionalist perspective would define .
             family based on the functions it performs such as; to raise children .
             responsibly, provide economic support, provide emotional security and to .
             control sexual activity. .
             I have come to the conclusion that a family is a unit to whom an .
             individual feels ties of obligation. This may include blood relatives, .
             husbands, wives, adopted children, friends, mentors, teammates, pets, etc. On .
             the other hand, I believe that marriage in our culture, is defined by solely .
             legal aspects, the authorized binding of two persons. It may seem unreasonable .
             to distinguish marriage as exclusively a legal matter, however as I expressed .

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