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Mustang History

             Just about every American boy and girl out there at the ripe age of only 15 years old is anxiously waiting for his or her driver's license. They feel desperate of being so close to freedom, yet their impatience makes them feel but so far from it as well. Years later, after a few speeding tickets and maybe a wreck or two, they notice that driving really is not thrilling any longer. Driving for these individuals has become dull and boring like a twelfth rerun of an old Martha Stewart show. So, what is one to do at this point in life? Well, there is no other supreme and exhilarating decision to make out there than to go out and purchase a Ford Mustang. Why a Ford Mustang? Well the real question here is "Why not?" A car that is so rich in both culture, history, (which has even managed to survive through the Jimmy Carter Administration by the way) and the fact that it is one of the few performance "American" cars still out there on the market. The Mustang is all American; it was here during the first lunar landing, has appeared on The Brady Bunch, it has starred in many movies, shows, sitcoms, and commercials. The Ford Mustang is a car with a definite future, a present, and a solid history.
             During the early 60's, the Corvette was the sports car of the day, but with too much of a heavy price tag for most, and smaller compact European cars were selling all too well in the U.S. Throughout this time also the post-war baby boomers were going to be purchasing their first car, and Ford Motor Company knew this. Yet Ford had some trouble making sales at the time against Chevrolet:.
             "Chevrolet took the Corvair Monza into production, a sporty, compact car and people wanted it. Ford tried to defeat this car with the Falcon Futura, but the Corvair Monza sold considerably better, because the Falcon didn't have the rival's image and character.

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